Some Extra $ / Giftcards on The Go


While your put and about, we all find sometime to check our phones. Why not check for something that can make you earn some extra $.

With so many apps out there, its hard to find some good descent apps without wasting to much time.  .Over the years, I heard several complaints, of surveys making you taking surveys to qualify just to take one, or wasting plenty of time to just gain 10 cents. Here are some top apps, I enjoy and find worth it.  What’s are your thoughts?



SurveryMini– pretty neat you get notified when visit somewhere and get redeem points when you reach 2000. you have a choice of a few coupons. Not sure how long it will take to get to the $50 gift card at 48000 points

ONGO Surveys do like the idea of surveys appearing but everyone I log on, if I don’t log on in enough time they disappear. Sometimes they may offer more than a buck which does add up.

Inbox Dollars paid per time for surgery even get to spin a wheel for a change to win some change or another turn to spin.. I mean still neat to win something so I continue


Very dice– roll dice and get points that you can redeem for prizes. When you roll the same numbers you have a chance to play basketball to earn more points. Also, you can complete special offers and they list other ways to earn extra points.

 Join for us to earn more rolls!
Prize Wheel– Seems like a fun idea.. never won anything but hey you never know.

Lucky day– online scratches- win $ or chips to use to redeem prizes. I enjoy this app plus is always loading with more scratches 🙂



Pay Your Selfie– seems like a nice concept take a interesting photo share and earn a little but we’ll see how that goes. First they give you a list of jobs to complete. Some are selfies where some other are not. Sometimes I wonder where these photos are going to.. maybe to research?  Either way its a neat fun way to make a couple extra bucks at times.

Sweat io-counts your steps only need to log in- So far getting a lot of points for every step you take outside.


Indeed Job Spotter– look for companies that have a hiring sign in the window.  You will need to take two photos. Take a picture of the hiring sign displayed in the window and one of the company sign(don’t include people in the images for legal and privacy reasons). Then, upload it to the app and redeem points.

I have had no had a problem uploading but remember you need to have the app open first then you take the pictures (At first, I thought you could save photos on your camera history and go back later, but apparently you can’t.) Some people may look at you like what the heck are you doing, but I don’t mind, its pretty quick and get to add points to redeem for a amazon giftcard. You get between 50 -150 points per submission and the reasons why can be based on popularity of location, image received, etc.



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